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DS поддръжка
DS platforms support

Product and Technical help is available for all the products in the Delphi DS range of vehicle diagnostic equipment.

For help and advice contact our technical support team on
01926 472958 / 01926 472794
Opening Times: 8.30 am - 4.50 pm Monday - Friday

DS150, DS500E & DS800E users can utilise Delphi’s unique Remote Assistance function where they can contact their local Delphi Support Team via their diagnostic tablet without leaving or disconnecting from the vehicle they are currently repairing.

With a simple click of a button and by entering their user ID they are able to hear, via a headset provided, see and share live data with the Delphi representative in order to help the technician with the current repair problem or question.

The Delphi representative can see the exact same data as the technician does and can take control of the DS unit remotely to conduct a real-time guided diagnostic and training session.

The technician can also share video images of a particular component with the Delphi representative or be guided around technical websites and information sites either on the DS tablet or on the internet.

For more information on this unique service solution contact your local Delphi Sales and Service centre.


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