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Why you should Invest in Diagnostics

Many garages are hesitant to get involved with Vehicle Diagnostics and the repair of Vehicle Electronic systems.  If your serious about being in business, you need to act! Today’s vehicle technology is advancing rapidly!

Onboard diagnostics is getting more and more sophisticated, as is the equipment required to work on these systems. 

A generic OBD-II Scan tool is no longer sufficient for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.  Workshops need a solution that allows access to all of the electronic modules. 

Diagnostic equipment is not just about diagnosing and repairing faults within vehicle electronic systems, it is also needed to carry out servicing requirements.  E.g. VW Passat has an electronic parking brake which requires advanced diagnostic equipment to wind back the calipers piston in order to change the brake pads.  Can you afford not to have the technology to allow you complete this basic task?

Up-to-date equipment will enable you to do a complete diagnosis.  Profits are about time taken and costs of parts.  The quicker the correct diagnosis can be carried out, the more money your business will generate.

Do not be under the perception that investing in this type of equipment will solve all your problems, you will still need to rely on common sense, traditional tools, vehicle manuals and experience.  However; Diagnostic equipment enables the technician access to more specific information, so that they are able to make an informed decision about the possible cause of the fault being investigated, and therefore a quicker, more efficient repair.  It also gives the technician the ability to programme and adjust where necessary.

Today’s complex electronic vehicle systems are designed to make diagnostics simpler and more precise.  However there are several keys for the technician to be efficient: Constant Training, Information and Up-to-Date Equipment.

Delphi are a Genuine OE supplier of Vehicle Electronics components and systems, and are at the forefront of new technology and innovations.

Not only is research required to select the right tool for your business and the vehicles you most commonly work on, but also into the service and support offered by the company.


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